Nearly all companies have a set of values which embody their ethos and working style. Why should freelancers be any different. I thought I’d share mine to help give you more of an insight into me and how I would work with you.

  • Family/friendship: the love, health and happiness of the most important people in my life ensures I have contentment and enjoyment in my life 
  • Integrity: I am honest, transparent and fair in all my actions, people can trust me
  • Humility/Empathy: I recognise the importance of everyone’s perspective and understand the feelings they may have which differ to mine
  • Organisation/Order: I have an organised/ordered approach to everything I do, it helps me maintain structure and fulfil a sense of accomplishment and achievement 
  • Equality/Independence: I believe everyone should have equal status, rights and opportunities, as a woman, it’s important for me to feel a sense of independence, fulfillment and achievement
  • Professionalism: I strive to uphold the utmost professional approach in all my work and be positively recognised for fulfilling the brief.

I have predominantly worked in the creative and performing arts industry, primarily in the charity sector. This is where I feel is the best fit for my values and skills.

Saying that, I have worked in a variety of different creative organisations and theatres. You can read more about this in my blog HERE. I have also spent a short time in the private sector and corporate world. 

I’m not from a corporate background driven by the bottom line, to me people are the most important resource in an organisation and having worked in a diverse range of them I understand the different needs this entails. For a full list of my previous workplaces, please visit me on LinkedIn. 


I am based in my fully-equipped home office in St Albans, Hertfordshire so working remotely is very straightforward.  During the Covid-19 lockdown I have been using Zoom, or other video calling platforms, with clients which has worked very successfully. Being a 20min train journey from London my clients tend to be from there or close by but I am open to working, remotely, further afield.

It will be interesting to see what the requirement will be for organisations as we emerge from lockdown.  I recognise the importance of face-to-face/in-person communication and am happy to travel into a Covid-safe office/work environment as/when required. I would suggest that a mutually agreeable day of the week is chosen and stuck to as far as possible to ensure continuity for team members.

You can find Case studies of clients I’ve worked with HERE and read a more in-depth account in my blog HERE.

Having one pricing strategy that can be applied to every engagement does not justify the individual nature of the work I do for clients.  Therefore, I will always submit a, usually one-page, proposal with the type of fee that best fits the project e.g. day rate, fixed-priced project, on-going retainer etc. I do provide a charity rate which is different to my corporate rate.